You only learn from your own experience.

This year was the busiest and the most demanding one as far as I can remember.  In one of my previous post, I have called the opportunity to try the gardening a dream come true. Now, at the end of a year, after a very hectic period, I am realizing the funny saying ” Be careful what you wish for – it may come true” had so much truth in it.

One thing is to dream about something, the other is to actually live it.

Although the time spent in the garden was immensely enjoyable, I was not prepared for the amount of care it needed, combined with my schedule, work and other responsibilities. It became a duty. But it was a valuable lesson. As they say, it is better to regret things you have done, than to regret things you haven’t even tried.

I can safely say I am very successful at growing yellow cherry tomatoes, if nothing else 🙂

We will be moving to a new place soon, and there is a large flower market nearby. Is that a fluke? Now I see where my heart has always been – arranging flowers – and I am going to spend more time doing it.

Have a great day!



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