Ups and downs of gardening

It’s felt much longer but we had started the gardening project just a month ago. The joy it brings is hard to describe. And it’s a learning process as well. 

Initially we planted strawberry plants, onions, cucumber, two tomato plants, kohlrabis and broccoli. And two beautiful hydrangeas. One night at the end of April, the temperature went to zero or below in some areas, and it has taken a small toll : both tomato plants, which did not make it, and the blooms of the hydrangeas, although overall the plants themselves still look fine.

Given the fact that the temperatures should not go that low anymore, we proceeded and several new additions have been planted: 
– sunflower seeds

– two corn plants 

– 6 new tomato plants ( good luck guys! )

I went wild in terms of the garden flowers and – for the moment- got saxifragas, lilly of the walley, iris pumila ( cherry garden ), celosias and gauras. Gauras are actually kind of a weed, so let’s see how much liberty they take to multiply!

What’s amazing about this experience is also the fact that Ema sees the process end to end. She learned some new terminology, can tell the plants apart, and understands what effort it takes to create, and especially maintain a garden. She is watering the plants ( I suspect some over watering already happened with cucumbers so they may not all grow ), digging holes when we are planting something and doing her best not to step on the seedbeds.

Have a great day!



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