Gardening – the pilot

This month, one of my dreams came true.

For a few years, I have been thinking about trying to grow my own vegetables, herbs and flowers. I am a city type of person, thats feels at my best at a cafe, but it seems that the legacy gene has resurfaced. I’ve been drawn closer to nature lately, both in my travels and the way of spending free time.

My paternal grandfather was a gamekeeper, and spent his old age studying, collecting and drying herbs, and preparing healing potions. My maternal grandmother comes from a family that owned large lands, and as far as I can remeber, she was always working in her garden and growing her own vegetables. Even in the spring of the year she died, she planted tomatoes, green peas and onions. Both my parents are avid and sucesfull gardeners, but it took three decades for me to hear the calling.

So, I wanted to try if I have the skills to maintain a garden. I was lucky to find a garden for rent and give this project a shot. The garden has not been cultivated for a while, the soil is rested, and only has few trees and a grapewine. The day we came to cut the grass and plow the soil, the day I planted my very first own stawberry plants, gave me a strong feeling of happiness.

Not to mention, after several hours working there, I came home more rested than I can remember I did in a very long time.

Have a great day!



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