To be or not to be – Montessori vs. Mindfulness

Over the last months, I had a chance to get a bit familiar with the subject of mindfulness. Being new to that concept, at least methodologically, the best I can describe it is, simply – living in the moment, be present in the situation that is happening.

The mind likes to wander. After reading about mindfulness, I watched myself and my thoughts and it was not a pleasant surprise to find out that most of the time, I am everywhere else and in every other possible time frame, than in the present.

And I realized that that is something I admire and at the same time find a bit annoying ( how can that be? ), with kids. Almost most of the times, there is no other time than now. They enjoy what they do. They do not plan ahead. They do not care about what happened before. They are fully into what they are doing right now, with all their senses.

And I came to realize, I have been observing this and trying to practice this, when including the Montessori way while I am with my daughter. Observe. Enjoy. Explore. Let the actual event unfold, be present. There is no other time than now.

Like, now we are fishing! 🙂

Have a great day!



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