Thinking about spring

After several very busy weeks, the deadline for a project deliverable finally came, and this weekend was a reward for me. I spent it at my mum’s house. While my mum and Ema were cooking and baking – something they love to do, I went flower shopping. I was roaming the flower shops of my hometown. Usually I do not have a plan, the inspiration comes when I see a particular flower – this time that were bouquet of tiny roses. I selected a pink one and red-ish bunch, and continued searching for the rest to complete the arrangement.

In a different flower shop I came across a very nice lady, we chatted about the color theme and she gave me some suggestions.

So here’s what I picked: roses, lily, hypericum berries, white lisianthus, purple santina )


And I selected the purple lily and two hypericum branches to start with.

Here’s the final result – some of the blooms are partially closed, and I am looking forward to see the arrangement change and open up during the following days.


It’s still cold, so we enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace, but dreamed about spring.

Have a great day!




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