The magic of arranging flowers

The time spent by arranging flowers, is the time when I completely forget about the world around me. A bomb can explode next to me, and I would be like “just hold on…. ”.

To pick flowers, whether in a shop, in a garden or a meadow, is already so enjoyable. But the process of creating the arrangement is like applying a true Buddhist approach in the daily life, that I know so well in theory but normally struggle to follow. My mind is calm like the surface of a lake, there is just the present moment, no thoughts about the past, no plans for the future. I find joy in the activity, while embracing the fact of its temporality.  I know the flowers are only going to last for few days, and I am still happy to have them now, there is no attachment that would influence the feeling of happiness.

So, my latest arrangement is a very random selection of flowers from my favorite flower shop, it does not really have a theme, and it’s based on the contrast of blue and orange. I would never have guessed those two colors look good together, but I like it.

Here’s the content:

1, Prominent 2 blue Siberian larkspurs (Delphinium grandiflorum).

2, Contrasting orange butterfly weed  (Asclepias Tuberosa) , plus small organe Ranunculus.

The tiny red balls are called tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum), then there is waxflower (Chamelaucium) and feverfew  (Tanacetum parthenium ).

For more of my arrangements, check my Instagram page

Have a great day!



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