Montessori’s sensitive periods

In Montessori, there are so called “sensitive periods” in the life of a child when the child demonstrates an interest in a particular knowledge or skill, and is able to spend a lot of time deepening that knowledge.

It seems that, it can be also brought by the circumstances. We fought with a series of periods of illness, accompanied by a cough that was changing in its form and intensity. It lasted almost 8 weeks and I was already getting very worried. This included several doctor’s visits, various checks, using medications, using healing techniques.

We had a constant dialogue and activities about the sickness / health, and Ema developed an interest in all things medical.

  • We learned a lot of new vocabulary : examine, inhale / exhale, stethoscope, injection, blood, virus, laboratory, sample
  • We experienced the color of blood first hand
  • We tried to listen to the breathing through the toy stethoscope and also to feel the heart beat
  • We used herbs to inhale in attempt to clean nose, and home-made potion to relieve the cough
  • We learned about vitamins
  • We learned about powerful meals
  • We found out some doctors have lollipops!

It was a very difficult time, especially to administer a medicine several times per day to a child that really does not want it. To make up a funny explanation why to let her x-ray be taken, alone in the x-ray room. But the fact that Ema was so interested made it better and we had discussions about how those things work and what an illness really is.

The time when your child is sick, is the time where everything else loses importance, when the world stops revolving. It’s hard to focus, it’s hard to work, it’s hard to put the mind to meditate. The food doesn’t taste so well and the sleep does not come. All the world’s philosophies seem to fail to calm you down in the face of threat and uncertainty.

What worked for me was to try to maintain some level of normalcy. Keep the routine, keep the rituals, enjoy the few moments when things got temporarily better, not allow the fears overwhelm you.

In the picture, Ema is hugging a tree. After every storm, there is a rainbow.


Have a great day!



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  1. Lovely little tree hugger 🙂


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