Mental note: Keep your advice to yourself!

That’s a harsh beginning, isn’t it? That’s what I learned to tell myself when I was trying
to adapt the Montessori principles in various situations.
The Montessori approach allows kids to explore and use their owns ways to explore.
A very good example is the very simple act of taking kids outside, for a walk. Me, being a very structured person, I usually target the route from A to B and back, and I give myself a timeline.  But it doesn’t work that way with kids.
When taking my daughter outside, what is the goal? It is simply to enjoy a walk in the fresh air. But still I was trying to impose what I thought was the best way to do it, the route to take, the things to see.
It eneded up being frustrating that we did not take the walk through the cycling bridge, but, for example, got stuck at the beginning of the bridge admiring and poking snails.
But the fact we do not take the road I prefer doesn’t mean the child does not explore, or learn. It just explores other aspects of the environment than I would do.
This required a change of my mindset, while realizing we actually still to stick to the goal – we are outdoors.

So now, more and more, I take my daughter outside, and let her observe and stop by things she finds interest in.
I would be done with looking at snails after few seconds. But the true exploration comes when you get the chance to spend as much as time you like with the object of your interest. Watch the behaviour, the reactions, offer food, see the encounter with a dog…And have a pleasant conversation on the topic.


Have a great day!


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