7 superfoods your kids will not realize they are eating!

I consider food a key element in maintaining good health and preventing diseases. It’s a factor that impacts our health that we still can influence, to a large extent.
Now, kids can be picky about food. Even those kids that have been surrounded by and consistently provided with healthy food choices. Nevertheless, we need to make sure kids receive nutrients needed for their development, and here are some tips for – let’s call them superfoods – that can be easily incorporated into the daily dishes, most of the time without kids really noticing 🙂

– Chia seeds. Adding them to a dessert, yogurt or pudding will not change the flavor.
– Nori sea weed. Can be added as a final topping of any soup, instead of, or besides the usual fresh greens such as parsley leaves.
– Oils. Besides the popular olive oil, there is a wide range of other oils – from plants or their seeds, each with great impact on health, to name a few : sesame oil, poppy seeds oil, sea buckthorn oil, oil from flax seeds. We are having pumpkin oil on a toast as a very lazy and quick type of snack.
– Dates. Great to take care of cravings for something sweet, super nutritious. Not sure if it is needed to hide them anywhere, but a raw dessert will do!
– Goat milk. Adding a small part of goat milk (or yogurt ) in their favorite milk shake will not impact the taste. Milk shakes and smoothies can generally hide a lot of content, which could be frowned on otherwise.
– Nutritional yeast. Can be added to soups to enhance the flavor.
– Himalayan salt. Just exchange for the table salt.

I have recently started to use the turmeric and I am trying with what it tastes good. Zucchini fried on oil olive, garlic and a bit of turmeric turned out fantastic.

In the below picture, Ema is devouring on basil tofu which was very shortly cooked on olive oil and tomatoes, with a sprinkle of turmeric.

Caution – turmeric spots are very difficult to remove!

Have a great day!


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