Rituals – how they help?

It’s Friday! That means sushi, I smiled for myself!

Ordering a sushi delivery has belonged to the rituals of ending the work week in our family for a couple of months. Having a young kid, Friday doesn’t associate with going out anymore! Though the work week was busy and crazy, this immediately changed the way I felt.

So, what is it like to have rituals (or traditions ) related to everyday life?

I was searching a bit to see what actually a ritual is. Not in the religious context, in the psychological one. Here is a suitable citation:

…”Family rituals–from daily dinners around the table to annual road trips–can help families bond and form a strong group identity, increasing each individual member’s sense of belonging to the family unit and their culture at large. Family values and beliefs are also often transmitted through these rituals, perhaps even without your realizing what is happening. Furthermore, traditions can promote a child’s positive emotional development and help children cope by providing them with a trusted foundation of stability that remains throughout new social situations and difficult times in their lives.”

(Source: https://www.argosy.edu/our-community/blog/The-Psychology-and-Science-of-Traditions-Rituals)

So on Fridays, all three of us sit at the dining table, and share sushi, Ema usually enjoying some cucumber and avocado ones, playing with sticks, and giving each of her sushi makis just one bite. We’re still far from our local table manners, the non local ones will come later 🙂

A ritual can be anything. I remember we used to go out with my colleagues once a week after work for a glass of wine, it was long ago and I don’t work there anymore. We used to call it Social Thursdays. I was really looking forward to it. It kept me going through the week. Somehow it ended, but I still like the memory.

There is one ritual which I think helped Ema to go through her difficulties with letting me go and saying bye at the kindergarten. On our way, we always looked for passing trains, and we are monitoring the progress at a larger construction site we pass by. In the kindergarten, we usually park at our favorite parking lot, and if it is not available, we review who has taken it. The last time, it was occupied by a large trash container and we had a little discussion about people doing the “spring clean-up”.  She always waves at me through the entrance door and sends a kiss, and has no issues, while when I am trying to leave from their classroom, it’s never that easy.

And back to sushi, we actually have a sushi toy. Here is a picture.

sushi toy up

The toy has only one downside – Ema can only imagine playing with it with someone. How would that be, having the sushi alone? 🙂




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