Tea party and a little bit of Montessori

Today we had a little tea party. Ema is a bit sick and this proved a good way to make her drink more warm liquids, since she is not a big fan of tea.

We set up the table and then I let the whole event roll. We do incorporate some Montessori principles into our daily activities. In a prepared environment, I let her explore and do not interfere. So we were pouring tea for each other, into all cups that were available, and all tea got drunk out. Motorically she is quite skilled, she didn’t spill tea while serving it, even into the tiny IKEA mug.

Cooking and food preparation is a great area where kids can learn a lot and gain independence. In her kindergarten, the kids ( all between 2 and 3,5 ) help the teacher prepare the table with fruits and vegetables, peel them, cut them, and place them on a tray in the center of the table, and they are helping themselves with how much and what type of food they want. Needles to say, there are not many cases when someone is not eating at all, since the whole activity is so much fun!



Have a great day!




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