The season of rapeseed fields is here!

The time of the year when many fields go bright yellow is here! I feel like I cannot have enough of that beautiful color. So of course we stopped by one of them and took a few (ok, many) pictures. The rapeseed fields seem pretty dense from far but in fact, the plants have certain distance between each other and usually there are paths or spots where there are fewer, so those are good spots to position for the subject you are photographing. ( Unless it’s a moving target! )

There is just one obstacle, the blooms release yellow pollen when you touch it, and I have noticed again too late 🙂 So our clothes got a bit dirty, but overall we had a very good time.

However, I do admire those wedding photographer that dare to take the brides there.

As opposed to last year, Ema enjoyed walking between the plants and did not feel like going home for a while. One year ago, she did not like it (maybe because the plants were taller than her) and I had to quickly take some pictures before she started to protest J

Here are some pictures. This year the weather is a bit colder, so Ema is wearing a hat and a parka.





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