How I became an amateur florist

Last year in March, I participated in a flower arranging session at a local flower shop.  While devouring on cake and coffee, we were handed material ( I think it was up to 10 different types of flowers ) and the lector showed the arrangement she prepared using those flowers. We were supposed to prepare the same. She guided us and explained step by step, how to do it, sharing tips and best practices. Of course, everyone’s artwork turned differently J

This is how it looked when we came…

kvetinova skola2

and this is how turned out mine.

kvetiinova skola 1.jpg

I enjoyed the session very much and thought that I could try this myself. I have always loved flowers, admired the beauty, but never dared to work with them. Over the course of the next year, I created several arrangements on my own, and this was my very first one, in April.


I picked the tulips, forsythia x intermedia, narcissus and the flower of the plum tree in the garden. I added limonium, solidago and eucalyptus to fill in the gaps.

Have a great day!



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