Ema in the arms of nature

The picture on the left was taken in May 2015, two months before Ema’s second birthday.Few weeks before that I had seen a family portrait, taken in the middle of a meadow and I think that started off the whole concept. I began to photograph Ema within a larger frame of natural scenery, trying to emphasize how little and a bit lost she looked, but still embraced by the nature. I have spent the rest of the year and the following winter taking pictures following this concept, and since in central Europe we are still lucky to have four seasons changing, the countryside offered countless options. We even did not have to travel very far. In fact, the second picture, in the poppy field, was taken in a small lot with wild poppies right next to my parent’ house, several weeks later.


I have always loved flowers. And food. And pretty clothes. It’s part of the everyday life. For myself and Ema, that’s what represent the beauty and pleasure of life, and we’d like to share this with you.

So! Keep in mind. The rapeseed flower ( Brassica napus ) blossoms in April, May, and once it starts blossoming, it remains just few weeks. Last year, after three weeks it was gone, and I am glad I did not delay taking the picture.

Have a great day!




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